Qi Gong for TTC Stress Management and Safe Exercise

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Me talking about Qi Gong is a perfect example of me not staying in my lane. That is why I enlisted the help of a friend who has been studying the ancient art for many years and he actually allowed me to video him in the act for y’alls viewing pleasure. And although Qi Gong is not my expertise, experiencing the stress of infertility is something that I have had almost five years of experience in. I get it. Compound the stress with no booze or “pelvic activity” during the 2 week-wait…fun times…

Advice For Stress Management

Best advise I received for stress-management? Just relax. Oh better yet, once you relax you will get pregnant. Oh yeah, someone’s neighbor’s cousin got pregnant when she just relaxed. Of course, I am kidding. When someone commands that I relax, I literally feel my jaw clench and my shoulders tense up.

Unfortunately, stress is a huge factor in infertility. Studies suggesting that stress plays a direct role on conception are conflicting, but emotional well-being can not be ignored when going through the journey. Personally, there were times where all I wanted to do was hide under my covers and watch re-runs of Will and Grace. (Side note: Will and Grace is now a trigger for me. It brings back memories of my 2WWs and failures and every time I see a commercial for it my heart races.). I wish I was more aware of options like Qi Gong when I was in the thick of my journey. For those days when I didn’t want to leave my house and didn’t feel like exercising, Qi Gong would have had an amazing way to bring my stress and anxiety down a notch without putting stress on my body or risking anything during my 2WWs.

What Is Qi Gong?

To learn what Qi Gong actually is, I turned to the National Qi Gong Association’s website (it sounds legit?!?). In an nutshell: Qigong is a mind-body-spirit practice that plays a role in mental and physical health by focusing on posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent.

Movements warm and tone muscles and promote circulation of body fluids.  Research suggests that qigong plays a positive role in high blood pressure, chronic illness, emotional frustration, mental stress, and spiritual crisis.

Qi Gong For Fertility

Mental stress? Emotional crisis? Too many infertility warriors suffer from these things, and this is why I wanted to offer exposure to qi gong. It is not a magic bullet to get you pregnant, but it will help get your body moving and may help with dealing with the emotional side of the journey. Thinking with a clearer and calmer mind may lead to making healthier food choices instead of making food choices based on emotion.

I am excited to share our VERY novice video that I made with my friend/qi gong guide. This 20 minute intro is perfect during the 2WW or any time you are feeling anxious, stressed, and not wanting to leave the house and move. I guarantee you will feel better after this practice if you enter it with an open mind. You may need to pump up the volume while watching, and pardon my husband in the background! It was a perfect day to practice qi gong because I started out super-cranky and you can see my demeanor gradually change throughout the practice. Hope it helps keep your ttc journey a little more manageable in a natural way.

Intro-Click Here

Part 1-Click Here

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