Spooky Cherry Halloween pops


I couldn’t get a pic of the pop on it’s own…these were eaten as quickly as they were made!

With Halloween coming up, I am always thinking of ways to sneak in some nutrition while sugar-overloading. I would never suggest to skip Halloween (team candy corn over here!), but there are ways to make the indulgences more beneficial.

My three-year-old daughter is always watching me make my own pops for our family, and told me she created a recipe of her own. I am always open to new ideas, so I gave her suggestion a whirl! Recipe is below:


1/2 cup Vanilla Flax milk (we used Manitoba Milling)

9 frozen black cherries (she insisted we ONLY use nine cherries…she’s the boss!)

1/2 tsp honey


Mix all ingredients, put in popsicle mold, and freeze!

Optional: Drizzle with melted chocolate and add candy eyeballs to make them SPOOKY!!

Cherries are a fabulous antioxidant and give a nice boost of Vitamin C. To get a little nerdy on y’all, the red pigment in cherries provides flavonoids called anthocyanin. This compound is linked to benefits like reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, and may boost cognitive function. I’m happy to feed my family these spooky treats over sugar-packed junk any day!


Have a spooky and healthy Halloween!


Lauren ManakerComment