Sales Coaching and Interview Prep For Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists


Sales Coaching

For the RDN who wants personalized coaching from an experienced sales trainer (and fellow RDN) to increase their referral-base or other revenue-generating business streams. 

For Dietitians: Are you confident in your selling skills? Can you easily navigate through a doctor's office and get potential referrals to take action? Are you successfully building your referral-base through strategic partnerships? If you get rejected from a potential referral-source, can you easily think of a "plan B" and continue to find a way to build a relationship without being pushy and don't immediately give up? If you answered "no" to any of those questions, keep reading!

Launching a private practice is exciting and overwhelming. One skill that is not covered in dietetic internships is selling skills. I am now offering one-on-one coaching sessions for dietitians who need help selling their services to potential referrals. Having been in medical sales for one of the largest food, nutrition, and wellness companies in the world, I have had years of experience selling products and services to potential referrals. Getting promoted to a national sales trainer allowed me the opportunity to travel the country and coach others to get the results they want from potential clients. Throughout my sales career, I have won numerous awards and have exceeded my sales targets consistently. Introverted? Me too. Hate the thought of sales, and immediately think of a sleazy car salesman? Me too. Unfortunately, sales is a necessary evil to owning a business, and once you get comfortable with the process it isn't as bad as it seems. 

Since I launched my own private practice, I have met many RDNs who have a great service to offer, but don't know how to build a referral base. They claim that they are not a "sales rep" and they feel uncomfortable calling on offices. Medical sales is a unique skill that is not intuitive. Dropping off business cards and a plate of cookies often results in crickets. Having someone who has had formal sales training and years of experience in your corner will only benefit your business. I understand first-hand how uncomfortable cold-calling a doctor's office or presenting to a group of health care providers can be with zero sales experience. I was there too. I went from a clinical position in a hospital to a medical sales position, and only with proper training and coaching was I able to be successful at building professional relationships and having customers take action!


Choosing to partner with me for sales coaching will allow you the opportunity to learn the basic anatomy of a sales call, methods to get in front of your customer, sell to their needs, and grow your relationships and referral base with confidence. Sessions are customizable and 100% focused on the unique challenges a private practice dietitian may have. 


I can help strategize, prepare for a big call, and roleplay the call to anticipate the directions it might take. Afterward, we may do a post-call analysis to review what went well and opportunities for the next one, as well as strategize next-steps.


Based on your unique needs and situation, some items we may cover include:

  • How to compose an email to increase your chances of getting a response and getting the recipient to take action 
  • How to navigate the office and identify gatekeepers, ratifiers, decision-makers, etc.
  • How to identify different learning styles and personality types of clients, and how to sell to these unique personalities
  • How to professionally and concisely use medical journals to emphasize the need for your service
  • How to gain face-time of potential referrals
  • Key steps to a sales pitch for a captive audience
  • The art of the follow-up, and how to determine frequency without turning the client off
  • How to change your mindset to feel confident selling yourself to other health care professionals
  • Tips for success: best time to visit offices, best practices, attire tips, essentials, etc.
  • Non-traditional ways to gain a meeting with a potential referral source
  • Exploring partnerships to increase exposure and revenue

Since I launched my private practice in the summer of 2018, I have grown my referral base quickly and efficiently. I am excited to offer one-on-one sales coaching to dietitians who own a private practice to help them grown their business without spinning their wheels. 

Email me at to set up a one-on-one coaching call or to learn more about this opportunity. 

  • Initial 55-minute call $95
  • Subsequent 30-minute calls $50

Interview Coaching 

For dietitians who landed the sales representative interview and want to close the deal!

Did you land an opportunity to get a job interview for a medical sales job?  Congratulations! Usually this type of job interview entails multiple steps and a lot of time...very different from a traditional RDN job interview. After landing my first job in medical sales and later having the opportunity to participate in the hiring process of many (many) reps across the country, I have seen first-hand what hiring managers want to hear and what comes across as red-flags. I have witnessed the same mistakes dietitians make in sales interviews over and over again. Working with me to prepare and practice for your medical sales interview will give you an advantage your competition doesn't have. I received my job offer only after I enlisted the help of an experienced medical sales professional, and only after working in the field did I see what works and what doesn't. Email me to set up a time to discuss your needs. 

  • Initial 55-minute call $95
  • Subsequent 30-minute calls $50