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Check out some of my must-have products and favorite items for people who are ttc, pregnant, or lactating. Of course, I had to include some of my own work ;-). Email me with any questions along the way.

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Choline Supplements if you are ttc, pregnant, or lactating

The recommendation for choline needs when pregnant or lactating is higher than during any other time of your life, and some studies are suggesting that women may need over 900 mg/day during pregnancy! Making sure you are getting this nutrient in BEFORE becoming pregnant is key. If you are already pregnant, check your prenatal vitamin’s label. If it contains less than 100 mg of choline, you would likely benefit from supplementation. These are my go-to because of the quality and cost. Click here to purchase. Can’t swallow pills? Try these.

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I chose to use this dispensary because the company has an extensive and thorough vetting protocol before they permit any brand to be sold on their site. I trust the products and their customer service is perfection. Using my link will allow purchasers to receive 20% off of MSRP prices. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS FULLSCRIPT

Feel free to email me at for recommendations. I definitely have my go-to brands and supplements.

(FYI they also offer personal care items, some food items like chia seeds and nuts, and some essential oils)

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Fueling Male Fertility Guide

I am an accidental author. I set a goal to sort through the research regarding male fertility and nutrition/lifestyles to make a handout for clients, and ended up with enough information to warrant publishing a book! This is for the “other half” who is trying to conceive. Whether he is trying naturally or undergoing assisted reproduction, this guide will give easy tips to incorporate into his life. Buy it here

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50 Shades of Green Smoothie Guide for Fertility and Pregnancy

This was a collaboration with a colleague and myself to create the ultimate guide for women and men who are ttc, as well as pregnant women. This guide begins with smoothie tips to help create the ultimate smoothie that is safe and helpful. It then provides 50 smoothie recipes that focus on topics like fertility-boosting, mood-boosting, and male fertility. Check it out here.

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Ritual Prenatal Vitamins for nausea during pregnancy

I am really digging their prenatal vitamins for women who are experiencing morning sickness or nausea during their pregnancy. These are easy to tolerate, are small, and can be taken on an empty stomach! I appreciate that they use methylated versions of folate and Vitamin B12, include Vitamin K2 for bone health, and provide DHA. These are missing some key nutrients for pregnancy that you may need to watch out for depending on your personal diet, but until you feel better, these are worth exploring. Of course, ask your doc before you make any switch to your vitamin plan. Buy Ritual vitamins here!

Non-toxic, non aerosol dry shampoo

I can not live without my dry shampoo, but was always thinking about the junk and aerosol spray that I was breathing into my lungs (and putting into the environment). BUT I just couldn’t do without my dry shampoo. After an extensive trial-and-error, I found the answer to my prayers.

This brand also makes DEET free bug repellant, amazing natural deodorant, and tons of other very cool and very safe personal care products. Check it out here! Use Code Lauren10 for 10% off first order

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Cheat-sheet guides for male fertility

Using the research I did to write the book Fueling Male Fertility, I created a handout bundle for health care providers or anybody who needs a little guidance while trying to become fathers (or wives of these men). The bundle has six handouts with quick nutrition/lifestyle tips, followed by evidence-based supplementation regimens. Topics include low testosterone, IVF, high percentage sperm DNA fragmentation, low sperm count, abnormal sperm morphology, low sperm motility. It is available on RD2RD and here.

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Trak: at home sperm test

Guys can collect a sample and get results in the privacy of their own home. It is an easy process and a great first-step to help men learn more about his body what he is working with. Knowledge is power, y’all! Buy it here and use code TRYNOW5 for 5% off

MaxGen Labs Max Function At-Home Metabolic Pathway Test

The MaxFunction Panel tests for 80 different genetic variations that influence every aspect of your health. Using a simple and non-invasive cheek swab, this test contains MTHFR, COMT, CBS, MAOA, and many more methylation SNPs that are good to be aware of when TTC, pregnant, or really just living life! Buy it here

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Aluminum-free safe deodorant with a secret addition to help combat sweat and moisture

The Primally Pure deodorant is aluminum-free as well as free from any known potential hormone-disrupting chemicals that could affect fertility or your pregnancy. The trouble with aluminum-free deodorant is that they do not control sweat or moisture!

That is why I sprinkle some Primally Pure talc-free baby powder on my underarms before I apply my deodorant (I use blue tansy scent). The baby powder helps absorb moisture and I am not exposing my body to talc (which may be linked to increased risk of some cancers). You can buy them here and make sure to use code LAUREN10 for 10% off your purchase!

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BeliMan Male Prenatal Vitamin

When a couple is ttc, the man should be taking vitamin supplements and making changes to his diet just like the female partner is. BeliMan is an option on the market that hits a lot of the necessary nutrients for generally healthy men who are starting to try for baby. It’s a good well-rounded supplement instead of taking a general multivitamin since it targets fertility. Check out BeliMan male prenatal here.

please note that this site contains affiliate links where I receive a small commission for items purchased through my links in order to support the cost of running this website. I do not recommend anything that I would not personally use on myself or give to my own family.