Recent Media Placements

Lauren serves as a nutrition expert for many media outlets. She has provided countless media interviews. Below are some of her most recent interviews:

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12 Foods That Are Better—Or Cheaper—at the Farmer’s Market  

The Best Healthy Snacks You Can Get On 5 Major Airlines.  

What Exactly Is Canned Tuna, and How Is It Shelf-Stable?

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7 Healthy Bedtime Snacks Nutritionists Love.  

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15 Foods Nutritionists Always Buy at Costco. 

25 Healthiest Foods at Disney World.

The Healthiest Party Foods To Buy At Costco.

15 Vitamins (and Supplements) Nutritionists Don’t Take—so You Shouldn’t Either

11 Things You Should Always Wash Before Cooking 

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Sick of the Mediterranean Diet? Consider the Nordic Diet.

Nuts May Help Improve Sperm Health.

Full-Fat Dairy Is Probably Better for You Than Skim.

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8 nutritionists reveal their favorite healthy snacks that they always have with them.

7 vitamin supplements you might need if you're vegan.

8 dairy-free alternatives to your favorite foods.

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Here’s How These Women Chose An IVF Doctor.

Should You Recycle or Donate Your Used Breast Pump?

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Probiotics for Preemies and Other Infants: Smart or Not?

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Wait, Does Eating More Seafood Actually Improve Your Fertility?

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The Consequences of Consumption: 6 Strange Possible Side Effects Of Common Foods

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Best and Worst Foods To Eat After Having a Baby.

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Yay or Nay? Yoga For Your Cycle.

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7 Old Wives’ Tales About Getting Pregnant That May Actually Be True. 

7 Ways To Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine.

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12 healthy, delicious back-to-school lunchbox ideas.

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The Best Snacks for When You're Trying to Eat More Protein, According to Nutritionists.

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7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your “Healthy” Morning Oatmeal.

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Writing Examples

Lauren has been featured as a freelance writer and guest blogger for many sites.

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