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Nutrition Communications

Lauren Manaker is an award-winning registered dietitian-nutritionist who provides virtual nutrition support and resources that are tailored to fit the unique needs of busy people and innovative companies alike.


Bridging the Gap For Individuals and Small Food Companies


Registered Dietitian-nutritionist, sales and marketing professional, Certified Lactation Educator-Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, book author, and devoted mom-of-one Lauren Manaker started her business in 2018. Lauren wanted to make quality nutritional advice more accessible, so she launched her company to provide an easily-accessible expert source for men and women hoping to become parents as well as for small food companies who wish to connect with the registered dietitian community. Please take a moment to learn more about Lauren.

Nutrition Expert, Published Author, Marketing Specialist, Communications Innovator

Lauren focuses on supporting food and nutrition-focused businesses by combining her nutrition and marketing expertise. Lauren has worked with companies to assist with appropriate nutrition messaging, data interpretation, and translating medical literature in a way that the public can understand. If a company wishes to target registered dietitians as a client-base or influence, Lauren should be on your team.

Lauren has spent almost five years working on the nutrition marketing side of Nestle Maternal and Infant Nutrition after spending eight years in the clinical setting. With the marriage of these two experiences, Lauren has the ability to ensure follow-through from customers via trade show appearances, facebook live opportunities, and web content.

Lauren has collaborated with small food and nutrition companies and has assisted with projects such as new product formulation, consumer messaging, trade show strategy, and engagement programming (focusing on engagement with the dietitian community).

Infertility, Preconception, Prenatal & Postnatal Support from a Virtual Dietitian

Available on Amazon. Lauren’s publication Fueling Male Fertility: Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance for Men Trying To Conceive.

Evidence-based tips for the other side of the conception equation. This guide is not throwing a fistful of supplements your man’s way. It provides simple diet and lifestyle modifications to help support his fertility.

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