Formula feeding support (with tips!)

This one is for the formula-feeding mamas…

Breastmilk is an amazing food that has so many features that formula will never replicate.  It is dynamic, meaning the composition changes as the baby grows.  It is made just for that baby.  But there are many women who are formula feeding their babies, either by choice or by necessity, and the fact that these babies are fed and loved is what is ultimately most important.


Before I started my own business, I worked for an infant nutrition company and one of my primary roles was to represent infant formula to other health professionals and hospital systems.  The less-educated made assumptions about my intentions, and made it known that they will never “push formula” on a breastfeeding mom.  Neither would I.  I am a registered dietitian/certified lactation educator-counselor and neither I nor the company I worked for every EVER claim that the formulas we were offering was better than breastmilk.  I was called a baby killer on multiple occasions.  I had many doctors refuse to speak with me because they “only talk about breastfeeding”.  I literally had a pediatric gastroenterologist yell that I was causing an outbreak of allergies and throw a can of formula powder at my head.  


I recall many days when I wound be in my car crying.  I was frustrated that so many people did not want to explore what the best “plan B” would be for their patients and the attitude was an adamant “breast is best” and if you aren’t breastfeeding than you are on your own.  I felt that they were doing a disservice to their patients. There is a reason why there are so many formula options on the market.  It isn’t to stress mom out, it is to give her options for when she isn’t using breast milk.  Since infant formula isn’t made from human milk, companies cannot mimic the features and benefits of human breast milk 100% (and none claim to), so each company does the best they can to offer SOME of the features and benefits.  And I gotta say, many do their homework.  


In honor of the formula feeding mom, I provided a guest-blog post focusing on these women and why we do a disservice to them by not learning more about different feeding options out there. I also provide formula-feeding tips since those are often not given as extensively as breastfeeding tips are given. To read, Click on this link, and I hope you enjoy.  



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