Natural energy


OK-I know that “natural energy” sounds totally hokey. I am not a new-wave naturalist by any means. I am a researcher and scientist by nature (AKA nerd!). I was fortunate enough to land a side-gig updating continuing education modules for health care providers. Trust me…I understand this isn’t a dream job for most. For me? I get paid to research and learn? Sign me up!

I am currently working on a module about functional foods and there is a whole chapter on fruits and vegetables. One study that I came across intrigued me…the researchers were evaluating the anti-fatigue components of okra! Since to me that is totally random and cool at the same time, I had to learn more! Turns out, it is pretty well-established that okra has natural anti-fatigue properties! One researcher took things a step further and found that the anti-fatigue component is in the okra seeds!

Being a working mom, anything that fights fatigue sounds good to me! I have my cup of coffee in the morning, but try to limit caffeine throughout the day. Most of my clients try to limit caffeine as well, since they are normally trying to conceive or pregnant.

I had to give it a try. The easiest thing I could think of was to make an okra seed smoothie! I created a basic smoothie with one extra ingredient.


6 oz full-fat Vanilla Greek yogurt

Seeds of six okra pods

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup berries of choice (cherries, blueberries)

1 Tbsp milled Flax seeds

1/2 cup ice


Blend and enjoy!

Truth be told, the first batch I made was made with whole okra pods and it was pretty gross. I didn’t taste the seeds and my very picky family had no idea that I snuck in some “natural energy”

Okra seeds may be a great addition to a prenatal diet or for anybody trying to reduce their caffeine intake. If anything, you get some added fiber from the seeds :)