My Heart Belongs at Chick-Fil-A...Or... OHSS


Yes, I am the cliché mom.  I wear yoga pants, a great day for me is shopping in Target alone while sipping a Starbucks, and I love me some Chick-Fil-A.  Before you start rolling your eyes thinking I am the typical “basic mom”, hear me out.  Chick-Fil-A has seen me through the hardest time in my life.

My husband and I struggled with infertility for 4.5 years.  We got to experience all of the acronyms: ICSI, IUI, IVF, ART, you name it.  Unfortunately, I also got to experience a term that I only learned about after my egg retrieval: OHSS.  OHSS stands for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.  It is another super-sexy part of artificial reproductive technology where your ovaries become swollen and painful after taking in too much hormone medication.  It was mentioned to me in passing and I didn’t really think much of it since the doc said it’s pretty rare.

Well, as luck would have it, I got to experience OHSS first-hand and really thought I was going to die.  My entire experience is such a blur, but I remember dry-heaving and being really scared.  Turns out, I had OHSS.  Yippee (?!?!?). Apparently, I had a mild case (and apparently I’m a total wimp).


Fast forward to that cycle failing miserably (my RE said the wheels came off the bus) and we were ready for round 2 of IVF.  This time I did my homework (I am a registered dietitian by trade), and decided that my prophylaxis of choice would be a fried chick-fil-a sandwich with extra pickles and some salted fries.  To drink, I would treat myself to some old-school lemon-lime Gatorade that reminded me of what I used to drink after tennis lessons when I was in elementary school.  People say they drink coconut water, but I was going to live it up on retrieval day!


From then on, the routine was to stock up on Gatorade before retrieval day, and after we were finished  with the procedure we would hit the drive-through at the Chick Fil A on the way home and I would go to town on my fried deliciousness.  We had a back-up-plan of Zaxby’s in case I ever had a retrieval scheduled on a Sunday (and thank goodness we never had to go to plan B-HOWEVER I do enjoy crinkle fries every once in a while). 

Guess who never experienced OHSS every again!  Thanks to Chick-Fil-A and Gatorade, I was totally (relatively) fine after retrieval.  It is important to note that every body is different, and following your doctor’s guidance is your best bet…or at least have a dialogue about diet and how it relates to OHSS before you hop on the fried chicken wagon. 

Now as a mother to a three-year-old in the South, one can assume that Chick-Fil-A is a staple in our lives.  Every time I walk into that restaurant, I think to myself how grateful I am that they created the most perfect chicken sandwich so that I could experience the most perfect IVF cycles and create the most perfect daughter.



Lauren Manaker