Smoothie Throw-Down (with recipe)

I posed a smoothie recipe that I created yesterday, and my husband got inspired and came up with one himself!  I have to give him credit-he came up with a winner! Fair warning....its SPICY!!!!!!! I am excited to share his creation!


This smoothie is preconception, prenatal, and postnatal friendly. It includes:

A 4. oz container of Siggis 4% fat vanilla yogurt for some dairy fat for fertility promotion (for women) and probiotics. 

1/4 cup spinach (I used a combo of spinach and baby greens).  This is great for folate and fiber.

1/2 cup 2% milk for calcium, Vitamin D, and iodine. Choose milk made from cows that are grass-fed for some Vitamin K2.

1 previously frozen banana for potassium and prebiotics to "feed" the probiotics

2 ripe nectarines (peeled and pitted) for beta carotene...super important especially when lactating

1/2 jalapeño with seeds (or more depending on your spice tolerance).  

2 cups ice


1. Blend

2. Pour

3. Drink up!


End result?  Amazing.  I normally HATE vegetables in my smoothies and I would have never known the spinach was in there if I didn't make the smoothie myself.  I gave some to my three-year-old before I added the jalapeño and she sucked it down too.  I gotta say...I'm pretty impressed with my husband's smoothie creation today!  


Lauren Manaker