Walnut-fig-ricotta-basil bites

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The holiday season is officially upon us. Time for family, friends, and over-indulging.

Want to know my nutrition secret over the holidays? I go against my mama’s rule, and I purposely spoil my appetite! My go-to is a handful of walnuts. Some studies have shown that eating a certain amount of walnuts may reduce appetite (which would likely result in eating fewer calories in the long run!)

For men trying to conceive, studies have linked consistent walnut consumption with enhanced fertility! Specifically, consumption of 75 gm walnuts/day for 12 weeks resulted in improved fertility parameters.

If a handful of plain walnuts isn’t your thing, try this simple delivery! (inspired by recipe from walnuts.org: https://walnuts.org/recipe/dried-figs-with-ricotta-walnuts-honey/

Stack the following in this order:

1/2 dried fig (your choice of type) with some of the seeds scooped out

1/2 tsp whole-milk ricotta

small piece of fresh basil

1 drop honey

1 whole walnut

The combo provides fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats that is totally satisfying and simple to make. Hope you enjoy!

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