1. Do you accept insurance?

Nutrition Now is not an in-network provider for any insurance and does not have the ability to create a superbill at this time.

2. Am I able to use my HSA card for your services?

Please consult with your HSA company to determine HSA-approved healthcare expenses.

3. Are nutrition audit services available to men?

We offer and encourage men to explore nutrition counseling or a nutrition audit if a couple is planning on starting a family or is struggling with infertility. Nutrition Now offers a discount for couples who wish to receive a nutrition audit at the same time. Nutrition Now only focuses on nutrition related to infertility and preconception for men. For any other health conditions, we are happy to offer a recommendation for another dietitian.

If a man does not wish to speak with a registered dietitian, the book Fueling Male Fertility is available on Amazon as a guide for nutrition and lifestyle interventions for the male partner.

4. Why should men consider preconception nutrition counseling?

Recent studies have confirmed that health and nutrition of BOTH men and women before conception is important not only for pregnancy outcomes but also for the lifelong health of their children and even the next generation. Men’s nutrition may also play a role in ART success. At a minimum, conducting a Dietary Audit will help to ensure that your dietary practices are appropriate for your specific needs and in alignment with medical standards.

5. Do I need a physician’s referral for your services?

You do not need a referral. However, we recommend you share any advice provided by Nutrition Now, LLC, with your physician or healthcare provider to gain approval before making lifestyle changes. We are happy to share any notes or details with your health care provider.

6. If I am a healthy with no pre-existing conditions, why should I consider a nutrition audit?

Audits ensure you are not taking any supplements you may not need, are not over supplementing, and are taking in adequate amounts of certain nutrients that are essential during pregnancy, the prenatal period, preconception, and if struggling with infertility. Additionally, this would ensure that you are not taking in any food or supplements that may pose harm to you or your baby. Prenatal nutrition plays a role in offspring's health over the course of his or her life, and simple measures can reduce the risk of having adverse pregnancy outcomes. Most health care providers do not have the time to ask many nutrition-related questions during appointments and I want to make sure your nutrition choices and lifestyle choices are what is best for your health goals.

Some adverse pregnancy outcomes caused by poor nutrition include:

  • low birth weight

  • premature birth

  • neural tube defects

  • allergies

  • cognitive issues

  • birth defects

  • cretinism

  • infectious disease

  • child's development of disease later in life, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, and obesity

7. Will a nutrition audit help me get pregnant?

There is no magic bullet to getting pregnant (unfortunately). Even ART is not guaranteed. There are specific nutrition interventions that have been shown in clinical studies to result in positive outcomes regarding fertility. More research is emerging supporting the implementation of certain dietary measures and more successful IVF cycles. If a women is choosing to freeze her eggs, there are steps she can take at least three months prior to retrieval that have been shown to improve egg quality in certain cases. Utilizing the services offered by Nutrition Now, LLC will provide you with personalized nutrition guidance that is evidence-based and realistic. 

8. Will Lauren only work with clients in Charleston, SC?

No! Lauren will work with clients nationwide virtually. Unfortunately, she can only work with those located in the USA at this time. Please ask Lauren for a recommendation if you reside in Canada.