Brand Partnerships and Communications

Lauren is an award-winning registered dietitian-nutritionist with experience in clinical work, sales, and marketing. She has a unique background in which she spent almost five years working for Nestle representing the Gerber brand. Her experience as a sales and marketing representative gave her the opportunity to learn and perfect the art of letting a food product shine. She understands the importance of understanding her audience’s needs and supporting the goal of brand awareness, increased sales, and harboring an overall positive opinion of a product or an brand. Lauren has extensive public speaking training and experience, and has the confidence to engage an audience to ensure the take-home message is received and action items are followed through. When tackling a writing project, Lauren’s versatility training allows her to apply language and tone that applies to the lay person or medical professional, depending on the audience. She has represented many nutrition products in trade shows, and understands the importance of ensuring actions taken at these events result in a positive ROI for the brand. The following are services that Lauren offers to brands seeking support from a registered dietitian-nutritionist:

  • Nutrition Advisor

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Freelance Writing

  • Event and Trade Show Representation

  • Brand Spokesperson

  • Social Media Marketing, Campaigning, and Strategizing

  • Recipe Development

  • Webinars

  • Product Reviews

  • Written Branded Materials Development

  • Guest Blog Posts

To discuss any of these opportunities further, please email Lauren at