Nutrition Consulting and Dietitian Engagement Support

Nutrition Expert, Published Author, Marketing Specialist, Communications Innovator


Lauren focuses on food and nutrition-focused businesses by combining her nutrition and marketing expertise. She has a unique background due to the fact that she has worked in both a clinical setting and as a sales and marketing professional for food brands. With the marriage of these two experiences, Lauren has the ability to ensure follow-through from customers with accurate and impactful messaging and genuine relationship building.

Lauren understands the importance of understanding her audience’s and client’s needs and supporting the goal of brand and product awareness, increasing sales, harboring an overall positive opinion of a product or a brand, and demonstrating how a product fills a need.

The following are services that Lauren offers to brands seeking support from a registered dietitian-nutritionist:

  • Nutrition Advisory

  • Supplement and Product Formulation

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Freelance Writing

  • Event and Trade Show Representation and Strategy

  • Brand Spokesperson

  • Social Media Marketing, Campaigning, and Strategizing

  • Recipe and New Product Development

  • Webinars

  • Strategy Consulting

  • Product Reviews

  • Written Branded Materials Development

  • Guest Blog Posts

  • E-Book Content


Registered Dietitians are the nutrition experts and are viewed as thought leaders. Brands often wish to partner with dietitians to build relationships and to increase brand awareness to not only engage on social media, but reap the benefits of having a nutrition expert recommend a specific food product or supplement by brand-name or highlight the product in a cooking demo, health fair, media interview, or other highly-engaging and influential events.

Lauren has worked with brands of varying budgets and goals to create dietitian engagement programs and sampling programs that go beyond the standard brand ambassador program. She works with a very targeted approach to maximize the ROI. Please email Lauren for more details and examples of her work.

Lauren has also assisted brands while working as a liaison between the company and dietitian influencers by managing the connection, content, follow through, agreements, and details of the project.


  • The Dairy Alliance

  • NutraVerve

  • The PUR Company

  • Chloe’s Frozen Fruit

  • DRINKsimple Maple Water

  • Sea[D] Seaweed Snacks

  • BabyKixx drinkable vitamins

  • HUMANN Super Beets

  • Juna Moms App

  • BeliMan Male Prenatal Vitamins